Hoopers workshop 29th April (Full)


Hoopers Workshop

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Hoopers is a dog agility sport that has become popular in America and has now made it’s way over here to the UK. It’s based on agility but instead of going over jumps the dog runs through specially designed hoops. Barrels, cones and tunnels are also used to test the dog’s ability to follow directional tests upon the direction of the handler.

In this Workshop you will be taken through the various foundation exercises, building on direction and distance handling. Its great fun and suitable for any dog over the age of 6 months who has some basic recall skills and is able to work around other dogs. Especially good for older dogs where agility would not be suitable.

The Workshop will last and hour and a half starting at 1pm on 29th April. Please bring with you a toy and lots of training treats for your dog.

Watercombe House, Nr Owermoigne, DT 2 8HJ

We look forward to Hoopers!!!


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