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Having recall problems? Then I would love to help you.

This one hour session is split into two parts, the first half hour is a one to one session with Ruth tailored to your dogs needs focussing on recall, Ruth will show you some awesome recall games which you will be able to practice in the second half hour when you will have exclusive use of the meadow at Watercombe.

If you would like to book in for this please e mail me in the first instance, then once a mutually convenient time has been arranged please follow the link to book.

Please bring with you a toy for your dog, and lots of training treats.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Recall top ten tips

What is your recall command?

The collar grab must have value

Set them up for success

Reinforcement rate must be high

Ditch the food bowl

Turn in the direction you want them to go

Don’t go to university level if you are still in kinder garden (Ruth’s Favourite)

Reinforce for being close to you

They need off lead running

How consistent are you

Call once and leave (ideally)



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